Finishing and Cleaning Equipment
A Texas manufacturer of specialty metal finishing systems since 2008.

Phosphate Immersion Lines

Finishing and Cleaning Equipment manufacturers the highest quality phosphate systems designed for efficiency, longevity, and production.  We strive to use industry leading components in our systems that withstand the hot corrosive nature of the process chemistry.  Any of the following configurations can be used for iron, zinc, or manganese phosphate.
7 Stage Immersion Process

7 stage systems are for customers with specialized coating requirements which are subjected to the highest quality standards.  These systems are composed of chemical process tanks and redundant rinses to ensure optimal coating quality.  The process sequence usually follows....
1.  Alkaline Clean
2.  Rinse, counter-flowed
3.  Rinse, counter-flowed
4.  Activate / Pickle
5.  Iron, Zinc, or Manganese Phosphate
6.  Rinse, counter-flowed
7.  Oil / Seal
5 Stage Immersion Process

5 stage systems are for the majority of customers with a high volume of parts.  These coating sequences are composed of the 5 basic steps for successful metal finishing. The process sequence typically follows....
1.  Alkaline Clean
2.  Rinse, counter-flowed
3.  Iron, Zinc, or Manganese Phosphate
4.  Rinse, counter-flowed
5.  Oil / Seal

There are numerous options and configurations to choose from when designing a custom process built for your specific parts.  These options are key to production throughput, chemical bath longevity, and most importantly, overall finish quality.  Here is a brief list of our most popular....

Material Handling; baskets, chain slings, hoists, trolleys, continuous beams / conveyors

Catwalk Decking and Railing
; bar grating (carbon / stainless), Fibergrate (grit / meniscus)

Fluid Circulation & Agitation
; Vertical 316L SS pumps, agitation amplification, filtration

Rinse Water Purity
; Counter flow rinsing systems, automatic fill, level control, visual and audible alarms

; Pull ventilation, push / pull ventilation, exhaust fans, exhaust blowers, hoods, stacks

Waste Disposal; manual or automatic pH neutralization, evaporation, filtration, or flocculant treatment