Phosphate Tanks

Finishing and Cleaning Equipment manufacturers the highest quality phosphate systems designed for efficiency, longevity, and production.  We strive to use industry leading components in our systems that withstand the hot corrosive nature of the process chemistry.  Any of the following configurations can be used for iron, zinc, or manganese phosphate chemistry.

Electric Systems

Finishing and Cleaning Equipment provides a custom selection of electrically heated phosphate tanks.  Electric models offer several advantages in that they are inexpensive, are easy to troubleshoot, and don't require fuel lines or exhaust ducting.  Programmable 24/7 timers can be added for pre-dawn heat up.  All electric units are available in 575/480/380/240V, 3/1 Ph, and 60/50 Hz.


Compact, inexpensive, and a great introductory design to operations looking to expand their added value services.  The PHOS SSED is also ideal for shops planning to expand with its modular format.  A variety of sizes are available; from 2x2x2/60 gl up to 6x6x6/1620 gl.


Shops that plan to use their phosphate system every day might consider a jacketed heating system, also known as a double boiler design.  The heating elements are submersed in a thermal fluid which in turn heats the phosphate solution through a process liner.  This design spreads out the kW value over a larger surface area which leads to more manageable sludge growth with less frequent maintenance.  Thermal circulation pumps are also added to ensure an even heat across the thermal void.  By keeping the thermal media moving across the heater element, the tank will heat up faster and prolong the life of the heater as well as the thermal fluid.

Gas Systems

We also manufacture a complete line of gas fueled phosphate tanks.  These tanks are heated by forced air self modulating combustion units that range from 300,000 BTU/ hr to over 3,000,000 BTU/ hr. Natural gas, propane, or butane can be used and most systems are convertible.  Gas fueled systems can be configured for direct or jacketed heat.  NFPA approved gas train components are standard equipment.


PHOS SSGDWant the inexpensive utility of gas and reach target temperature fast?  The PHOS SSGD might be for you.  The heat exchanger is positioned directly in the phosphate allowing for rapid temperature gain and workload recovery.  Ideal for fast paced hot shops which need results quickly.


PHOS SSGJOur most popular models are gas fueled, jacketed phosphate tanks.  These units are a great alternative to traditional models.  Inexpensive fuel, coupled with an infrequent maintenance schedule of a jacketed tank offers shops of all sizes a great solution to their coating needs.

Flow Coating / FC Option

Flow Coating  FC OptionFor the OCTG industry, FACE has developed an alternative to lifting pipe.  Rather than occupy an expensive forklift, gantry crane, or hydraulic tilt table; the Flow Coating option is your answer for drill pipe, tubing, or casing connections.  The phosphate solution is pumped from the heated tank to a flow coating manifold.  Tubular goods are positioned under the manifold and allowed to dwell under the cascade flow.  The phosphate solution is then returned to the main tank to reheat and reuse.  All pumps and seals are rated for high temperature acid for years of dependable service.

Ventilation Systems / PP Option

Ventilation Systems - PP OptionProcessing phosphate can be troublesome due to the heat and steam generation at the operating temperature, especially with manganese phosphate.  Corrosion resistant "push / pull" ventilation systems can be optioned which ensures TLV is kept low, preserves your shops' HVAC system, and most of all increases production.

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