Waste Water Evaporators

Reducing your metal finishing waste effluents can be time consuming, hazardous, and expensive.  Implementing a waste water evaporator can cut your hazardous waste disposal costs by as much as 90%.  Evaporators do not eliminate waste but rather concentrate non-VOC water based effluents into a slurry form.  The slurry is then cleaned out and disposed of as you normally would.  Depending on the effluent and evaporator model, waste water evaporation can typically cost 25-50 cents per gallon.

Finishing and Cleaning Equipment manufactures waste water evaporators in a variety of sizes and capacities.  We offer standard "off the shelf" configurations, or we can design custom systems to meet larger process requirements.  

Standard units include:

  • Natural Gas, Propane, or Electric Heat
  • Carbon steel, 316L Stainless steel, or Hastelloy construction
  • 4 -14 GPH evaporation capacities (electric)
  • 12 - 55 GPH evaporation capacities (gas)
  • Over temperature and low liquid level shutdowns
  • Open man ways and V shaped bottoms for easy clean out

Optional features:

  • Automatic fill systems (suitable for sumps, pits, or external holding vessels)
  • Polypropylene holding tanks; vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Digital pH monitoring
  • Automatic pH buffering systems for neutralization before evaporation
  • Exhaust fume scrubbers


375 gallon chemical capacity
40 - 55 gallons per hour evaporation rate
73"L x 35"W x 77"H footprint


WWE-240G 240 gallon chemical capacity
18 - 26 gallons per hour evaporation rate
73"L x 35"W x 56"H footprint


Finishing and Cleaning Equipment has manufactured waste water evaporators capable of handling process loads of over 1200 gallons per hour.  If you have a specific requirement let us know - we would be happy to work with your team to find a Working Solution.

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